[A MUST READ] 3 Reasons Why Nigerian Ladies Have Belly Fat

This article is not to ridicule ladies about their weight or make them feel bad, but to help them, If you know what is causing a problem then you will know how to solve the problem.

Excess fat overall causes problems for ladies, having low self esteem, bad body image, poor sex life etc. Most ladies want to get that flat stomach they see many girl flaunting on social media, some of them have even tried a lot of herbs, drugs and supplements and yet they are still looking pregnant.

Men, are even making the matter worse by publicly speaking against women with belly fat, demeaning them and making them feel dejected.

So what is the real reasons why you have belly fat :

1. You caused it

I am not trying to blame you here, but by understanding that you are the one who did this to yourself, then you should understand that you have the power to undo it.

Also there are possible lifestyle issues like emotional problems like stress, relationship problems and other problems like posture, sleep can lead to fat gain..

Also Genetics, more reason why some ladies have flat tummies and are claiming never did and never will.

So how did you cause it..

If you are a friend of fatty foods then you are a friend of belly fat.. It goes hand in hand, eat much, work less equals to gain weight, look fat.

2. It started from your kitchen

The way you eat is the way you are, although there are some people who eat so much but can’t seem to get fat (genetics).

Most Nigerian local foods and I mean anything that has to do with Fufu/akpu, starch, palmoil, eba, egusi etc are culprits..

These local foods all have something in common, high calories content..

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Now high calories which means more fat (especially if you are not using those calories by exercising, or doing some vigorous activity like sex, or walking 10,000 times a day)…

Even your normal drinks like Coke, fanta, sprite, pepsi, malt, excessive alcohol,

Don’t worry, to lose the fat you wouldn’t even have to stop eating your favorite meals. You wouldn’t even need to starve yourself to learn how to control how much you eat.

3. Inactivity

I remembered having a conversation with a 300 level student and I asked her “what do you do when you go for holidays?”

She said “nothing, I just sleep all day”

Now, that is one of the reasons why women have belly fat, inactivity reduces your metabolic rate (I mean the rate at which your body burns calories, meaning it burns calories slowly and store up more as fat).

So, should you exercise every minute of the day?

You wouldn’t need to.. I have decided to write an exclusive guide on this for ladies and even men to lose belly fat (including pot bellies)…

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you deserve to look better than that and yes you do…

Take care of your most priceless possession. your body, GROOM IT, CARE FOR IT and LOVE IT.

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