Every Nigerian Girl will stop bleaching after reading this (Photos)

The African woman is a goddess. Every fibre of her skin, each shade of her dark chocolate tone reminds creation to strive to shine brighter. There is something unique about dark skin, it is dull enough to not strain the eyes but glowing enough to capture an attentive heart.

Most black girls have been taught the wrong things about their skin colour but why blame a face or body that makes sunshine glorious? Times are however changing, the melanin popping movement is one that prides itself in showcasing the rare kind of beauty.

It’s now that time on earth when African ladies are accepting their colour and waving goodbye to bleaching products. We want you to experience beauty (through sight) that will speak to your heart. Here are the ultimate melanin popping pictures.

1. Ridiculed as a teenager yet blossoming as an inspiring young lady. Hail the queen of melanin who redefines glow.

Before and after make-up

2. Senegalese model, Khoudia Diop shows the African woman beauty from a cultural perspective. Grow from the roots, it will never mislead you and it will hold you firmly.

Khoudia Diop

3. Melanin popping queens wear their crown on their skin. You can call them moons, for they reflect a brighter skin tone within.

Dipped in gold

4. Everything black, for the girl who understands and accepts how beautiful the shade of her skin is.

Beauty beyond words

To get beautiful skin, one must make a conscious effort.

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